Porl in 2010

So… one thousand Porls, a book, a website, what’s new? Beginning in 2010 Porl has a blog. This very blog, in fact. As we receive new Porls (any drawn post-book) we’ll be a-featurin’ them on the site, together with all manner of general porlopoly. Please join us for the ride, but bring your own saddle – there are only a few and things are gonna get kerazy.

That’s right.

He’s back.

And this time he’s bigger, Porlier, and uh, …bigger, than EVER

Porl has a horse’s body and a lizard’s head, all we need is a drawing of how you imgaine him to be. One drawing per customer. You can create it however you like. If you believe in Porl, pass it on. Already drawn him? Send us a poem or a sculpture, make him into a cake, tweet about him, visit his websites, download his book, it’s free! Write his name into a play, into a song, into history!

And besides, go on, it’s his 9th birthday on the 5th of February.

Porl by Lynette

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