Kindred Shizzards

It is satisfying to learn that out there in the wide world, separated by time, space and the M40, others have also theoretically crossbred lizards with farmyard animals.

Porl by Katherine

What are the odds of that? Presenting: The Shizzard! Half sheep, half lizard, it’s got an impressive fleece that would keep it warm as far north as say, Newcastle, extending the range of this unusual beast by a good few miles. It’s got Wuzzle written all over it, and I love an excuse to mention Wuzzles, but it could likely eat those guys for breakfast.  Luckily Porl’s great fire-breathing skills should keep him in check for now, that fleece would probably go up a treat.

Artist: Katherine


One Million Giraffes

Not very long ago, in a galaxy really close by, Porl has discovered he has a second-cousin-twice-removed-on-his-mother’s-side. Seemingly sharing Porl’s very own Impossible Dream, in the very same media, format, style and idea, a chap in Norway is collecting one million drawings of giraffes. And he’s half way there in less than a year.

What this tells us is two things – one, that the power of twitter is not to be underestimated (we collected almost all of our Porls in person, and still span 55 countries, but this took tiiiiiime, man. 1000 was a big number in the days pre-interweb. Unfortunately we ain’t tech-savvy but we can but continue to be true to our glorius quest one brick at a time, one single solitary brick and know that Porl brings a weird kinda joy to many of the hearts he touches) and two – that people all over the world are ready to embrace projects like these, projects that span continents and overcome any difference between people and unite them in something they have in common – simple participation. So, to our kindred spirits over at, we salute you!

So if meeting at Porl has tickled your appetite, why not skidaddle on over to giraffeland and join in the madness? Porl is – see work in progress below. You might notice someone a little familiar there too… I know! It’s a Giraffe!!! And yes, they’re practically tounguing each other, just get over it.

Porl meets the Giraffe